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Micho Russell was born in Doonagore, Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. Russell came from a musical family, his mother played the concertina,and his father was a renowned sean -nós singer He had two brothers, Packie and Gussie, musicians also. He also had two sisters.

Micho taught himself to play the tin whistle by ear starting at age eleven. He won the All-Ireland tin whistle competition in 1973, he was also known for his introductions to tunes in his live performances, which included folklore and legend. His knowledge of tradition , stories, dance, herbal and old Irish cures.

Micho composed a tune called“Micho Russell’s Reel,“ his only known composition. His best-known songs were John Phillip Holland and The Well of Spring Water. Trad Ireland released four CD recordings of Micho which are also available on tape.
The titles of Micho’s albums are:
– The Limestone Rock
– The Man from Clare
– In Our Own Dear Land
– The Wind That Shakes The Barley

All four Micho’s albums, which contain a mix of music, song and folklore and the odd old herbal cure are currently available from Trad Ireland.
„The Man From Clare Album“ features Eugene Lambe on Uileann pipes.
Micho Russell died in a car accident in 1994 on the way home from a gig. (R.I.P) (Quelle: http://tradireland.ie/traditional-irish-music/product/47/Micho-Russell-The-Limestone-Rock-cd)


Micho Russell – The Limestone Rock