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Recorded in Mark Lee’s Oxfordshire studio. With Chris Jones/guitar, Anth Kaley/piano, Maart Allcock/bass, Sally Barker/backing vocals, Yogi Jockusch/percussion and Christine Hanson/cello.

All the songs on this album (one of the eighteen he has made) are Kieran Halpin originals. They have differing appeal; some of the lyrics are comments on worldly matters, some are about personal relationships and some are just a poetical compliment to a tune.

I selected three that were instantly likable, but the rest grew on me, until I liked them all. Simple, Judgement Day and Walk Like a Champion seem to be dialogue from arguments; whereas Singing Boots is quite a tender song and might be something of a compensation. A Letter to America carries weighty thoughts, as does Nothing To Show For It All, perhaps Kieran’s most successful song? 

The sleeve notes include a diary of his extensive
travelling to assemble the vocal harmonies and complimentary instrumental (there are nice cello and keyboard) contributions, and the result is excellent. He’s certainly prolific.  A visit to www.kieranhalpin.com should convince you of that. (Quelle: https://www.livingtradition.co.uk/webrevs/cdsos017.htm)


Kieran Halpin – A Box Of Words And Tunes